Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Seedlings 9/9/13 2



  1. Hello,
    I love the two-tone roses on your blog. Can you tell me the name of the dark two-tone red and black roses?

    In addition, I live in the north of France, I love roses and I have a blog "odeflorales51" I invite you to visit.

  2. Thank you Athena. The one black with red stripes is one of my favorites. It looks like it will be a mini or a miniflora. It has good disease resistance and is thornless. At this time I dont have names for any of them. I try to reserve names for ones that have been tested and perform well. Then give those few names. That usually takes a full year or two. I went through your blog page and came across the abracadabras and simsalabim pictures. They are my favorites in the garden. You wouldnt by any chance know which of the sports simsalabim came from. If I were to guess I would say frisco the orgin of the black beauty, abracadabra, hocus pocus sport line. One of my frisco's branches has revered back to black beauty. So it puts out yellow with dark stipes, solid yellow, and now solid burgundy branches. At first I was just enjoying the pictures on your blog but then I saw the translation drop down menu. What a great feature. Now I can read what you wrote on your blog as well. Thanks for sharing. How did you find my blog page when you are coming from north France.
    Take care

  3. Hello dave, my name is dallis church and i was wondering if you could root me a cutting of simsalabim. ive been on the search for quite some time and no one will help me. If you could contact me back by email. My email is