Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eureka !!!

For years now I have been trying to achieve the color scheme of Black Magic iridescent red with white stripes.  Its very heat tolerant, good substance, slow to open and keeps this form for weeks.  No more worries of, will it blow open and shatter before the rose show. I hope it does well with disease.


  1. Stunning looking rose. You have some GREAT looking stripes. I must commend you on the work.
    Andrew Grover
    St. Pete Fl

    1. Thanks Andrew. I think I have achieved what I am looking for in terms of the stripe color, form and heat tolerance. I just need to have total disease resistance now. Fragrance would be nice to. Working to those ends this year.


  2. Startlingly beautiful, I love how clean the the white and red are, and the shape, gorgeous. (whenever I see striped red and white roses I hear the song from "Alice in Wonderland"......"were painting the roses red, were paint the rose red ..."